Abortion, Artificial Abortion and Curettage

We provide a-day surgery of safe vacuum aspiration for abortion with general anesthesia and you can return home the same day of the procedure.
We do not perform procedures with general anesthesia for those who are 17 to 21 weeks pregnant. Moreover, to get this procedure you are required to meet the conditions of the Japanese law, Maternal Protection Act, as follows:

  • 1) Due to financial reasons, you cannot afford to give birth to the child and raise him/her.
  • 2) You might harm your health if you continue the pregnancy.
  • 3) You were (assaulted and) raped.

If you wish to have this procedure, please contact us by e-mail or fax.
19 million women in the world have died from abortion malpractice. It is a tragic fact. We provide painless, safe and perfect abortions.

Abortion Fee:
Up to 7-weeks pregnancy: 140,000 JPY (exclusive of tax)
From 8 to 9 weeks pregnancy: 160,000 JPY (exclusive of tax)
From 10 to 11 weeks pregnancy: 180,000 JPY (exclusive of tax)